Made in one week during the Dungeon Crawler Jam 2023.

 ! The game runs significantly better when downloaded. The browser version is, however, entirely functionnal !

Play as a duo of bounty hunter in the far future of 1998. Explore dilapidated buildings, dank basements and dustbin location. The duality of flesh and metal, stealth and action, man and beast.

Made using Gamemaker studio 2

Voices :  Sarah Belliot, Jean Tatsi

Additional writing : Pauline Rouge

Sound design : Jean Tatsi

Graphics, Coding : Elie Vigouroux


Zorg & Shlak - win (fixed version) 62 MB
Zorg & Shlak - web (jam version) 19 MB
Zorg & Shlak - win (jam version) 62 MB

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